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Business Cards

Business cards have been an important part of my travel hacking strategy and I think a lot of people overlook them. The benefits to opening a business card rather than a personal card include:

  • Does not count toward Chase's 5/24 rule (though you do still have to be under 5/24 to be approved for a Chase business card)

  • Does not appear on your personal credit report so long as you pay your bill on time (though you will have a hard pull to your personal credit for approval)

  • Bonuses are sometimes higher (though the minimum spends are often higher, as well)

  • Chase Ink business cards have no annual fees.

  • Referral bonuses on business cards are sometimes higher.

What if I don't run a business?

The thing about business credit cards is that the bar for qualifying as a "business" is rather low. Any income producing endeavor can be considered a business. If you have an actual business or you do any kind of freelance work, no matter how small or part-time, this is a no-brainer. But even if you don't, you may still qualify. If you sell items on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, for example, you can apply with your SSN as a sole proprietor.

It's okay if your business doesn't make much money. The approval will be based on your personal credit profile not your business revenue. If you are making any amount of money independently and your personal credit is good, it's likely you qualify for a business credit card.

Do I have to put only business expenses on a business card?

No. You can charge whatever you want to a business card.

How do I use the points from business cards?

Typically the points from business cards are redeemed the same way as points from personal cards. If you have an airline or hotel branded business card, those points will go into your loyalty account for that airline or hotel. If you have a business credit card that earns general rewards points (Chase Ultimate Rewards, AmEx Membership Rewards, Citi Thank You points), they can typically be combined with any other points earned in the same reward program.

For example, if you open a Chase Ink Cash card, the Ultimate Rewards points that you earn from that card can be combined with the Ultimate Rewards points that you earn on your Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. All of those points can then be transferred to travel partners. Note: Points earned from a Chase Ink Premier card cannot be combined with points from any other card or transferred to travel partners.

My Favorite Business Cards

**These are referral links. If you use any of these links to apply for a credit card and you are approved, I will receive a pre-determined number of points as a referral bonus. Always use referral links to apply when possible, either from a friend or a valued content creator. And share your own referral links with family and friends once you open a card you love!

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