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Hey, friends!

I started travel hacking in June 2022 after learning about it on Instagram and wondering if it was too good to be true. Turns out, it's not! In the past year, we have used credit card reward points to book 20 roundtrip domestic economy airline tickets, 2 roundtrip first-class tickets to Europe, and 6 nights in a 5-star hotel in Paris... and all of it cost us less than $1400 in taxes and fees. (Here's exactly how I did it.)

In all, our family has saved over $15,000 in travel in just one year and lots of people have started asking how we're doing it. I decided to create this site to help our friends who want to get started with travel hacking, so that you can travel more without spending more, too.

I've included links to my favorite credit cards throughout this website. For the most part, they are referral links. If you are approved for a card using my link, your experience is the same but I get some bonus points. Please consider using these links if you apply (and be sure to share your own referral links with friends as you get them!). 

❤️ Crystal

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